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Effective social media advertising

Social Ads

We combine the forces of specialists from different fields to create ads that sell. We target and configure campaigns in detail to reach customers at every stage of the purchase path. We conduct full remarketing activities and make abandoned shopping carts a bad memory. We measure and monitor it all, so you get a full and reliable report.

Build your success with Social Ads!

Want to make your brand shine on social media? Get in touch with us! Our innovative Social Ads strategies are the key to increasing visibility and sales. Fill out the form to discover how we can turn your online presence into real results. We look forward to hearing your story - together we will write its next chapter.

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Precise target groups
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Social ads campaigns by semguru - learn the benefits


We select advertising activities based on your business goals.


We know who your audience is and how to reach them. In this way, we create campaigns that are cheaper and more effective.


We support the sales process with properly configured social media campaigns. We create strategies that increase sales.


We reach users who have already interacted with your brand. Using effective remarketing, we increase sales and finalize unfinished purchases.

What does our work look like?

We implement Social Ads campaigns with full commitment and a comprehensive approach. Our goal is not only to create effective ads, but also to give you full control over your social media presence.

We start with a thorough analysis of your existing social media activities. We go through your campaigns, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. We verify that Google Analytics and Facebook Meta data are being collected correctly. Confidence that we have reliable data is the key to effective analysis and optimization.

We then select the right target groups and market segments so that the ads reach those who are interested in your products or services. Our work doesn't end after the ads are published. We monitor campaign performance on an ongoing basis and make the necessary optimizations to ensure the best possible results.

Every month, we provide you with a detailed report on the results of your campaign. In addition, we keep in touch by providing weekly statuses to keep you up to date with the progress of our efforts.



Average ROAS


Increase in conversions


Increase in conversion value


CPC cost

Why should our agency be the one to manage your Social Ads campaigns?

Our agency stands out from the competition thanks to our individual approach to each Social Ads campaign. We are not limited to management and optimization - we are passionate about creating a comprehensive content plan that is precisely tailored to the business rhythm of our clients. Each advertising schedule is carefully planned to ensure that the content and advertising graphics are not only creative and high quality, but most importantly consistent with the brand identity. With us, your social media communication will become an effective tool that not only builds a strong image of your company, but also contributes to a real increase in engagement and conversions.

  1. Social Media Audit and Data Integration

    A thorough analysis of existing social media activities. Evaluation of the effectiveness of current campaigns, identifying strengths and areas for improvement. Verification of integration with Google Analytics and Facebook Meta for reliable data collection.

  2. Precise Targeting for Maximum Effectiveness

    Selecting appropriate target groups and market segments. Developing a targeting strategy so that ads reach people interested in your products or services.

  3. Creating Campaigns

    Preparation of content plan including advertising schedule. Creating engaging content and advertising graphics consistent with the client's brand.

  4. Monitoring and Optimization

    Ongoing monitoring of campaign performance. Quickly implement optimizations to increase campaign effectiveness.

  5. Reporting and Communication

    Monthly delivery of detailed campaign performance reports. Weekly statuses to ensure continuous communication and provide updates on progress.


Expand your reach with Social Ads!

Start transforming your social media business today! Leave your contact information and we'll get in touch to discuss how our Social Ads strategies can propel your brand forward. Don't miss the chance to effectively reach your customers and book your consultation now. We look forward to your mutual success!

Benefits of Well-run Social Ads Campaigns

In today's digital world, where social media is an integral part of everyday life, Social Ads campaigns are a key tool for brands striving for online success. Properly planned and executed, they bring a range of benefits that can significantly impact a company's growth and profits.

Increase Brand Awareness

Well-constructed Social Ads campaigns have the power to reach a wide audience, including those who have not yet interacted with the brand. With precise targeting, ads reach people with specific interests, increasing the chances of building awareness among potentially interested customers.

Increase in Engagement

Social media is not only a platform for content delivery, but also a space for user interaction. Social Ads campaigns encourage engagement with content, through which users can comment, share and respond to advertised posts, fostering relationships with customers.

Generating Leads and Increasing Sales

Using optimally tailored calls to action (CTAs), social media advertising campaigns can effectively convert interest into specific actions, such as newsletter sign-ups, inquiries or direct purchases.

Targeting and Personalization

Social Ads offer extensive opportunities for precise ad targeting, from demographics, interests, to purchasing behavior and many other criteria. As a result, campaigns can be extremely personalized, greatly increasing their effectiveness.

Flexibility and Scalability

Social media allows for instant campaign adjustments, which is invaluable in the fast-changing world of marketing. Small tests can be easily scaled to larger campaigns if they produce the desired results.

Performance Measurement and Optimization

With Social Ads campaigns comes the ability to analyze data in detail, which allows you to continuously optimize your efforts. You can monitor results in real time and adjust campaigns, maximizing your return on investment.

Costs and ROI

Social media advertising often has a lower cost of entry compared to traditional channels, making it accessible even to companies with limited budgets. Properly managed Social Ads campaigns can yield an impressive return on investment (ROI).

Community Building

Regular social media campaigns allow you to build a loyal community around your brand, which is a long-term investment in customer relations.

Strengthening the Competitive Position

Social media activity and effective advertising campaigns help distinguish a brand from its competitors, building a strong position in the market.

Running well-planned and executed Social Ads campaigns is a strategic move that brings real business benefits.

Types of Campaigns in Social Ads

Social Ads campaigns are a powerful marketing tool that can be tailored to a variety of goals and target groups. There are several main types of campaigns that we offer our clients:

1. branding campaigns

They are designed to increase brand awareness and visibility. They are ideal for new products or companies that want to stand out on social media.

2 Conversion Campaigns

Focused on encouraging the audience to take a specific action, such as buying a product, signing up for a newsletter or downloading an app.

3. interactive campaigns

They aim to engage users through contests, surveys or interactive content, strengthening the relationship between the brand and consumers.

4 Retargeting Campaigns

They are used to reach out again to users who have already encountered the brand, but did not convert.

5 Recruitment Campaigns

Used by brands to attract new talent by targeting people with the right skills and career interests.

Why should you trust us to run your Social Ads campaigns?

Team Synergy: Unlike when a single specialist works on a campaign, in our agency a team of experts is responsible for the campaign. Thanks to the cooperation of a Social Ads specialist, a copywriter, a graphic designer and an analyst, every element of the campaign is carefully refined and optimized.

Creativity and Consistency: Copywriters and graphic designers create content and visuals that not only attract attention, but are also consistent with your brand identity. Creative and engaging ads are the key to success in the social media space.

Analytics and Optimization: Analysts monitor campaign data in real time, allowing for quick response and optimization of actions. As a result, campaigns are more effective and cost-efficient.

Experience and Knowledge: our team constantly follows trends and updates its knowledge of social media platforms' algorithms. This allows us to make the most of the opportunities these channels offer.

Commitment: we treat each client individually, which means that campaigns are closely tailored to specific business needs. With us, your social media advertising will not only be visible, but above all effective.

By entrusting us to run your Social Ads campaigns, you get not only expertise, but comprehensive service that translates into real business results. Our cooperation is an investment in the future of your brand in the digital world.

I am satisfied with the current cooperation and the changes that the cooperation with Przemek and his team has initiated in us. I was impressed by the approach of the boss as well as the whole team who approaches with special care to the quality of their work. I highly recommend semguru agency!!!

Tomasz Bekuś
October 19, 2023

Semguru's cooperation has been going on for six months and I value their approach. Working directly with a qualified specialist who then coordinates the team's activities is their hallmark. Compared to other companies, where my first contact was with a person following rigid procedures, which limited creativity. Semguru helped me select the right software and tools, and develop a comprehensive sales plan for my unique product. I also appreciate that their copywriters took the time to understand what I was selling, which resulted in ads that rarely need revisions before publication.

Karol Witanski
November 7, 2023

Integration of Social Ads with Google Analytics - the key to success

Integrating data from Social Ads and Google Analytics is a key part of our strategy to deeply analyze and optimize social media advertising campaigns. Here's how we do it:

1 Setting up conversion tracking: We start by setting up conversion tracking tags in Social Ads and Google Analytics. This allows us to track users' actions after clicking on a social media ad until they convert on the site.

2 Goal Synchronization: We define and synchronize Social Ads campaign goals with goals in Google Analytics to have a consistent view of how users are engaging with content and what actions they are taking.

3 Audience segmentation and analysis: We use demographic and behavioral data from Social Ads combined with site traffic data from Google Analytics to better understand our audience profile and behavior.

4 A/B testing and optimization: we conduct A/B testing of various campaign elements, such as copy, graphics or target groups, using Google Analytics tools to analyze the results. This allows us to identify the most effective combinations.

5 Reporting on advanced metrics: We analyze advanced metrics such as rejection rates, time spent on page, and conversion paths to understand how social media ads affect user behavior on the site.

6 Continuous optimization: Based on the data collected, we regularly adjust campaigns to maximize ROI, increasing effectiveness and lowering costs.

Customer communication:

  • Throughout the process, we maintain constant contact with the client, ensuring full transparency of our activities.
  • Once a week, we provide reports with a summary of key data and an analysis of progress.
  • Any findings and recommendations are discussed so that the client can influence the direction of advertising efforts.

Through such measures, we not only increase the effectiveness of Social Ads campaigns, but also build a strong foundation for a long-term advertising strategy that is continuously refined based on reliable data.

Why are our Social Ads campaigns effective?

At our agency, we pay exceptional attention to analyzing the consumption of content by a brand's audience. Our goal is to create ads that not only generate direct sales, but also strengthen interest and brand recognition. Here's how we do it:

1 Understanding Audiences: We conduct in-depth research on the content our audiences consume, from popular posts and hashtags to specific social media discussions. We want to know what catches their attention and what their preferences are.

2 Behavior Analysis: We monitor how audiences interact with different types of content on social media. This allows us to understand what actions they take after exposure to ads and what content is most popular.

3 Adaptive Content Creation: Based on the collected data, we create advertising content that is tailored to the current consumption trends of our audience. This makes the ads more engaging and memorable.

4 Continuous Adjustment: The world of social media is dynamic, so we regularly adjust strategies to ensure they are always up-to-date and responsive to current audience demands.

5 Building Long-Term Relationships: Our efforts are aimed not only at short-term sales results, but also at building long-term relationships with our audiences, which over time translates into brand loyalty.

6 Performance Measurement and Analysis: We use advanced analytical tools to measure not only conversions, but also metrics such as brand recall rate and intensity of interaction with advertised content.

Communication and Reporting:

  • We maintain constant communication with the client, informing them of any changes or adjustments to the strategy.
  • Each week, we provide activity reports that include analysis of audience responses and the impact of ads on branding.
  • We work with the client to ensure that our ads are not only effective, but also authentic and consistent with the brand's values.

With such a holistic approach, our Social Ads campaigns not only contribute to an increase in the number of sales, but also strengthen interest in the brand, making it more memorable and unique in the eyes of the audience.

Social Ads campaign performance reporting at semguru

Our action reporting process is detailed and focused on continuous optimization and effectiveness of advertising campaigns. We focus on ensuring that each report provides valuable information that can be used to plan further actions. Here's what it looks like:

Reporting Process:

1 Data Collection: Initially, we collect data from various platforms such as social media and Google Analytics, focusing on key performance indicators (KPIs) such as conversion rate, cost per click (CPC), reach, engagement and ROI.

2 Results Analysis: Data is analyzed to understand user behavior, content effectiveness, and identify trends and patterns that can influence future campaigns.

3 Create Reports: the information is then compiled into easy-to-read reports that contain not only raw numbers, but also conclusions and recommendations.

4 Presentation of Results: Reports are presented to the client on a regular basis - usually weekly - to ensure a constant flow of information and to enable rapid response to changes.

5 Discussion with the Client: The presentation of the results is followed by a discussion with the client about the report, during which any questions or concerns are discussed and a way forward is jointly determined.

Using Reports to Plan Work:

1 Identifying Areas for Optimization: Based on data from reports, we identify which elements of the campaign need to be improved or changed.

2 A/B Test Planning: We decide which new elements or strategies will be tested in upcoming campaigns to compare results and choose the most effective solutions.

3 Setting New Targets: Based on results and trends from previous campaigns, we set new goals for future activities to make them even more tailored to the client's needs and expectations.

4 Adjusting Budgets: We analyze the performance of the budget and, based on this, adjust the allocation of funds to specific campaigns, channels or target groups.

5 Create Strategic Plans: Findings from the reports are used to create long-term strategic plans aimed not only at ongoing improvements, but also at developing and scaling campaign effectiveness.

Every step of reporting and every use of report data is carefully considered to ensure that each campaign is not only better than the last, but that marketing strategies are continually improved, leading to long-term success and growth for our clients.


1 What is the difference between Social Ads and traditional advertising?


Social Ads use social media platforms to reach local audiences and build engagement. It's an effective way to promote local products, services and brands, offering a range of tools tailored to specific business goals.

2. what kind of content should I publish in my Social Ads?


Content should be tailored to your business and target demographics. Each social platform attracts in its own way, so it's important that your content is professional and tailored to your audience's expectations.

3. can I publish the same content on different platforms every day?


This is not recommended. Different platforms attract different audience segments, so it is crucial to tailor content and narrative to each channel to avoid uniformity and increase engagement.

4. how to increase the number of followers in Social Ads?


Focus on providing creative and unique, high-quality content that will engage your audience and motivate them to share. This can lead to the viral spread of your content.

5. how to deal with negative comments in Social Ads?


Address customer concerns to regain their trust, or use content moderation solutions offered by social media platforms to filter comments.

6. how often should I post on Social Ads?


The optimal frequency depends on the activity of your audience. It's important to find a balance that doesn't overwhelm your audience, but also doesn't allow them to forget about your brand

7. Is paid advertising on social media a good idea?


Paid advertising can effectively raise awareness of products and services, but it should not be used for every update. Choose the platform where your target audience spends the most time.

8. how to measure the return on investment (ROI) in Social Ads?


Decide which metrics you will track to determine ROI. This includes reach, traffic, engagement and conversions, which are key to measuring ROI.

9. can I transfer my social media strategy from one platform to another?


Strategy often depends on the type of content, so strategies on different platforms can vary significantly due to the specifics of the platform and its audience.

10. what social media marketing mistakes should I avoid?


Avoid spamming, having multiple profiles on each platform and lack of interaction with your audience. Heterogeneity and inconsistency in publishing content can weaken the relationship with your audience.

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