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Interim marketing team

Marketing team at your fingertips

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a completely dedicated marketing team without the need for a full-time employee? Our "Interim Marketing Team" service is a complete solution for your business. Not only do we offer top-notch execution of your marketing strategy, but we also offer ongoing guidance in scaling your business. Our team are experts from strategy, creation to analytics - everything to make your message consistent and in line with your business goals. Together, we'll define KPIs for the next six months and year of operations, ensuring that every marketing decision is measured and focused on your results. Welcome to the world of marketing, where every detail matters and your business goals are our priority.

Discover the Full Potential of Your Business with the Interim Marketing Team

You have before you an opportunity to transform your marketing efforts. "Interim Marketing Team" is your chance to benefit from the knowledge and experience of the entire marketing team without the need to hire each specialist separately. Let us guide your business through the full marketing process - from strategy to execution and analysis. Fill out the contact form and we'll provide you with a customized offer that will help your brand flourish. Let's start creating marketing that not only informs, but inspires. We look forward to hearing from you!

A comprehensive strategy
Dedicated team
Precise KPIs
Integrated activities
Technology and Analytics

Comprehensive marketing strategy

Our "Interim Marketing Team" service ensures that every aspect of your marketing is methodically planned and executed with consistency and efficiency in mind. We individually develop a marketing strategy that not only combines creativity with analytics, but also harmonizes all promotional activities - from content to digital and paid media. This ensures that your brand communicates with one strong voice across all channels, resulting in clear, measurable improvements in business performance and increased ROI.

Interim Marketing Team vs. Internal Team: Discover Savings and Value

Example configuration of the service - the size of the package depends on the customer's needs.

An example of the results we achieved on a Fashion project


Millions in increased sales from online channels


Increased conversion rate


Average ROAS from Google Ads campaigns


Indexed phrases in top3 positions in Google

Discover the full potential of your business with the "Interim Marketing Team"

Especially for you, we will compose a team of experts ready to lead your brand to the industry leaders. We start with an in-depth analysis of your needs to chart a path for growth and define a goal that will make your company recognizable and competitive. Our comprehensive approach to marketing strategy, precision in defining KPIs and continuous optimization of activities ensure that your communications are consistent and effective every step of the way. Experience how our dedicated support can transform your sales performance and brand image in the digital space. Benefits of the service:

  1. A strategy tailored to your needs

    We offer personalization that translates into results. Your marketing strategy will be unique and created with the specifics of your business in mind. With our team, you get the assurance that every aspect of your marketing is developed individually, from market analysis to implementation and monitoring of activities.

  2. Marketing team at your fingertips

    You have access to a full spectrum of specialists - from analysts to creative designers. We will handle your marketing comprehensively, making sure that each campaign is in line with the latest trends and tailored to the expectations of your target audience.

  3. Measurable results and clearly defined KPIs

    Your business goals will become our KPIs. This means that every action we take will have a clearly defined objective and will be measured regularly to ensure that we optimize your actions and maximize your ROI.

  4. Consistency of communication across all channels

    Your marketing message will be consistent and recognizable in every medium. We make sure that your brand is visually and communicatively consistent, regardless of the channel - from social media to SEO and PPC campaigns.

  5. Integrated operations and complete analyses

    With a holistic approach to marketing, our activities are not limited to single campaigns. We analyze the impact of each action on achieving business goals, adjusting strategies in real time to ensure the best possible results.


Strengthen Your Brand with Semguru's Interim Marketing Team

Turn challenges into successes - discover the power of Semguru's marketing team. Contact us to learn how comprehensive support from our experts can scale your business and achieve your specific marketing goals. Don't wait for change, initiate it with Semguru.

Advantage in the long-term game

This is what our "Interim Marketing Team" provides. Through a strategic approach, your brand will not only benefit from current trends, but will also be properly strengthened to meet the challenges of the future. Our methodology involves constantly monitoring the market and adapting strategies to changing conditions, which means that your investment in marketing will reap continuous benefits, regardless of changes in the industry.

Clearly defined KPIs are the compass that guides each of our marketing activities. When you work with us, you'll not only gain insight into the KPIs of your campaigns, but you'll also be able to see directly how your marketing efforts are impacting your business goals. It's transparency that gives you peace of mind and the confidence that every penny invested is working for your success.

Semguru's cooperation has been going on for six months and I value their approach. Working directly with a qualified specialist who then coordinates the team's activities is their hallmark. Compared to other companies, where my first contact was with a person following rigid procedures, which limited creativity. Semguru helped me select the right software and tools, and develop a comprehensive sales plan for my unique product. I also appreciate that their copywriters took the time to understand what I was selling, which resulted in ads that rarely need revisions before publication.

Karol Witanski
November 7, 2023

Team of Experts

Your marketing success stands and falls on the people who create it. Our "Interim Marketing Team" consists of selected specialists, each an expert in their field. Brand manager will take care of the consistent image of your brand, project manager will ensure that all processes run smoothly, and copywriter, SEO, Google Ads and Social Ads specialists will guarantee the visibility and engagement of your message. Our graphic designer will create the visual side of your communication, and a marketing automation specialist will automate processes, saving you time and resources. Thanks to the integrated competence of our team, your brand communication will become consistent and effective.

The results of our work speak for themselves:

Examples of the effects of Google Ads campaigns  

Work Process

The process we put in place begins with a detailed business consultation, so we understand your company's DNA. We then translate this understanding into action, creating a marketing strategy that is fully in sync with your business goals. Teamwork and constant analysis are our daily bread, allowing us to constantly adjust our strategy to changing market realities and your customers' expectations.

Technology and Tools

Innovation is the key to success. We use dedicated reporting dashboards and the latest analytical tools to track every move you make and provide you with real-time performance data. This allows us to react quickly and optimize your campaigns so you're always one step ahead of the competition.

Teamwork: the Power of Experience

Flexibility in Action

Why is a team that continually expands its experience in a variety of projects crucial? Because practice makes perfect. By engaging in hundreds of projects, our team has honed the ability to adapt to any challenge your company may encounter. The experience gained together translates into speed and flexibility in action, which is invaluable in the dynamic world of marketing.

Marketing Processes: Why Is Good Management Key?

Management that pays off

With a person who manages marketing processes with clockwork precision, you can be sure that no element of your strategy will be overlooked. A project manager is a person who not only keeps an eye on deadlines, but also optimizes the work of the entire team, which translates into efficiency and effectiveness of your campaigns. It's an investment that pays off with better results and greater predictability of marketing activities.

Consistency Is Fundamental: The Power of Integrated Communications

Building a Unified Image
When all of your brand's communication channels work like a well-oiled machine, audiences get a consistent message no matter where they encounter it. Our team is a guarantee that your brand speaks with one voice - strong and distinct. It is consistency that builds trust and contributes to brand recognition.

Everything Under Control: Holistic Channel Management.

Optimization At Every Step
Imagine that every campaign, post, tweet or ad is precisely planned and executed to fit harmoniously into your company's overall strategy. Our end-to-end channel management is the assurance that every element of your marketing communications is not only well thought out, but also fully optimized to achieve maximum results.

Holistic Approach: We See More Than Numbers

ROI as a Measure of Success
When focusing on ROI, we don't limit ourselves to analyzing individual channels - we look at the overall picture of your business. This approach allows us to identify which activities really translate into profit, and which are just costly embellishments. This allows us to reallocate resources to where they yield the greatest return on investment, optimizing your marketing budget and focusing on strategies that effectively drive growth for your business.

Focusing on holistic ROI, rather than just individual campaign results, is key because it allows you to fully understand the effectiveness of your marketing investments in the context of your overall business goals. It's not just individual success metrics, such as clicks or conversions, but also their impact on the company's profitability, leading to sustainable growth in the long run. A holistic approach to ROI ensures that every marketing effort is fully integrated into the business strategy, ensuring that marketing is an investment, not a cost.


1. how does the "Interim Marketing Team" service differ from traditional marketing services?


"Interim Marketing Team" is a comprehensive solution that provides access to a team of experienced marketing professionals and analytical tools, without the need for an in-house marketing department. We focus on a holistic strategy, which means that we look at the effectiveness of activities in the context of the entire business, not just individual campaigns.

2. what are the benefits of focusing on holistic ROI?


By focusing on holistic ROI, we can better assess how marketing activities affect the overall profitability of the company. This allows us to allocate budget more efficiently and focus on strategies that have a real impact on business growth.

3. is the "Interim Marketing Team" service suitable for companies of all sizes?


Yes, our service is flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of both small and large businesses that are looking for effective marketing solutions without having to hire a full-time team of specialists.

4 What specialties does your team cover?


Our team consists of a brand manager, project manager, copywriter, SEO specialist, Google Ads specialist, Social Ads specialist, marketing automation expert, graphic designer and analysts who work together to strategize and achieve your marketing goals.

5. what are the stages of cooperation with "Interim Marketing Team"?


The process of working with our team begins with a detailed analysis of your business needs, then moves through the stage of planning and implementing a marketing strategy, and ends with ongoing monitoring and optimization of activities.

6. How are the results of marketing activities measured?


Results are measured using advanced analytical tools and a dedicated reporting dashboard, allowing for real-time tracking of business metrics and strategy adjustments.

7. How soon can you see the first effects of cooperation?


The first effects of cooperation are usually visible within the first few months, although this time may vary depending on the specific industry and marketing goals.

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