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We create success stories by starting with data. Years of experience and people with exceptional skills are our resources that we use to help companies sell.

Our Milestones

Founding of IT HEROES agency (now semguru)

After years of operating in the advertising industry, exploring the secrets of effective SEO and taming data, IT Heroes (now Semguru) agency is born. A place where specialists join forces to deliver results. An agency that has filled a gap in the market when it comes to marketing services tailored to the individual client.

First customers, first successes

The year 2019 was full of challenges and successes. Our first customers trusted us, which made us able to prove our skills. The first actions brought excellent results, and this only fueled our determination to achieve even greater success.

Reorganization of the company

A deep reorganization was carried out at the agency, which set a new direction for our company. We defined new goals, made changes in the organizational structure and in the scope of our activities. It was a moment in which we looked to the future and set ourselves the challenges we were to meet.

Introducing website development service

With the growth of the agency, it was time to expand the service portfolio. In 2021, the offer was expanded to include a website development service. A website is the business card of any online company, so we decided to help our clients create unique and effective websites that attract attention and generate conversions.

Launching Google Ads and Social Ads

We see 2022 as another huge step towards the agency's development. Social ads and Google Ads services were launched. This has enabled us to even more effectively help our clients reach their target audience and achieve exceptional results in the world of online advertising.

IT HEROES rebranding to semguru

The need to refresh and further develop the brand is causing the agency to undergo a rebranding. It Heroes turns into Semguru to continue providing top-notch marketing services.


What drives us?

Our mission
We combine irrefutable data and expertise to help clients on the path to regular sales increases. We bring a new quality of service through a holistic approach to marketing, sound analysis and data-driven action.

Our vision
We want to establish long-term partnerships based on mutual trust, transparency and expertise, providing growth for even the most demanding clients.

Information about the company

100 + Completed projects

Whether we were working on an advertising campaign for a tech start-up, graphic design for a renowned apparel company or marketing strategy for a local restaurant, each assignment was unique to us. Behind each project is a story, a team of people and a goal we are trying to achieve.

10 + Experts

Our team is made up of qualified professionals who will perfectly complement your company's Internet marketing expertise. In our team you will find professionals in the field of Positioning, Google Ads, Social Ads, Copywriting, Marketing, Analytics, Web Development and Graphics.

80+ Millions earned for our customers

Your growth is our priority. The results we achieve for our clients are a testament to effective and consistent performance.

Our location

Find us in the heart of Poznan, at 12 Mlynska St. Our office is conveniently located, making us close to our customers, ready to provide the highest level of service.

We are available :

clock-regular Monday through Friday - 8:00-16:00

Address :

map-marker-alt-solid Młyńska 12/320 61-730 Poznan

Our plans for the future

Expansion into foreign markets

Delivering the excellent services of the future

Maintaining customer satisfaction levels

Steady implementation of the vision

Maintaining service effectiveness

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