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Seasonal keywords. What is NOW in season?

They have great potential, but are still very much untapped. Seasonal keywords are those that are typed into the search engine only at a specific time during the year, or in certain months their popularity is noticeably higher. This is when it is a good idea to launch a seasonal marketing campaign, taking into account timely phrases.

Fashion passing, or seasonal marketing

Nothing lasts forever, but we also need to be aware of the return of trends, which is characteristic of both fashion, interior design and...the Internet. We can divide the year into several (or a dozen) periods, when interest in specific topics increases and customers put selected products into their shopping carts with greater frequency. Increased online traffic occurs during Christmas, Children's Day or Black Friday.

In addition, the seasonality of purchases is determined by the seasons. In the pre-holiday season, we buy more bathing suits, foreign trips or tanning cosmetics than we do in winter and autumn. At the same time, there is a growing interest in skiing, snowboarding and sledding before the white season. Knowing these trends, we can adjust our promotional and marketing campaigns to them, based on relevant seasonal keywords. 

How to create seasonal keywords?

We can distinguish between several types of seasonal phrases. The first are keywords related to a specific event. They usually refer to one-off events, such as "Children's music festival in Koszalin". In this case, the event organizer himself will probably achieve the best results, since Google favors official sites. You also have to deal with a lot of competition.

In addition, we can supplement keyword phrases with dates, most often it is simply the year. These are seasonal phrases specific to the fashion industry, in the area of design and interior design. Such phrases as "fashionable coats for fall 2021" or "interior design trends 2021" will be created. In addition, dates are worth using for current information in, for example, the cosmetic or medical industry. This way we spread information on current trends, achievements, discoveries and research.

The most popular seasonal key phrases relate to recurring events that repeat at the same time every year. This would be "gift for Children's Day" or "gift for her on Valentine's Day." In addition, we include here products specific to the season, so, for example, "winter jacket for skiing" and "sunscreen for summer".

The biggest advantage of seasonal campaigns is to reach customers at a time when they are most interested in a particular offer. Advertising positioned for a given keyword is often an incentive to act here and now. However, it is important to remember that such campaigns are not launched too far in advance, and hit the busiest season.

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