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Ronomed is a company that distributes professional medical and rehabilitation equipment. At https://www.ronomed.com.pl/ you can find, among other things, modern and proven medical office equipment, physical therapy apparatuses or regeneration systems. What distinguishes the company is its qualified team, which expertly and reliably supports customers in the process of buying the right equipment. Experts are eager to share their medical expertise on their blog, where they provide tips on using the products available on the site.


Ronomed came to us with a problem related to declining sales. In addition, the site, despite its efforts, was not achieving increases in Google search results. Responding to the company's problems, we decided to conduct a thorough analysis of the activities undertaken so far, and then select effective SEO activities to improve the visibility of the site. It is worth noting that our team faced a big challenge, as SEO for the medical industry is not one of the easiest things to do and is associated with considerable limitations.

What we did

We took care of comprehensive SEO positioning. First, we focused on the "low-hanging fruit," i.e., phrases that were close to the TOP 10 and required relatively small expenditures to be in satisfactory positions. We then took measures to increase the CTR level on the positions earned so far. Our SEO efforts also included the creation of content to support the most competitive phrases. As a result, we were able to ensure their positions in the top ten. The implementation of the activities was facilitated by our existing article section. Attractive content optimized for SEO allowed Ronomed to significantly improve its results.


For "Ronomed," a company operating in the healthcare sector, we undertook a comprehensive SEO effort to improve visibility in organic search results. The first step was to conduct an in-depth keyword analysis to identify those most relevant to "Ronomed's" industry and offerings. Then, we optimized the structure of the website, including meta tags, headings and alt attributes of images, making the site more search engine friendly.

We also focused on creating valuable content that would answer the questions and needs of potential "Ronomed" customers, while enhancing it with selected keywords. We also introduced a link building strategy aimed at improving the domain's authority by acquiring high-quality external links.


Workflow for SEO

  1. Preparation of the AIDA model for keywords

    For "Ronomed," we adopted the AIDA (Attention, Interest, Desire, Action) model to classify and understand users' intentions at different stages of the purchase path and create tailored marketing strategies.

  2. Competitor analysis and building an external link base.

    We conducted a competitive analysis on the most important keywords for the company, and took several strategic steps. First, we identified key keywords that are relevant to "Ronomed's" industry and offerings, and then, using SEO tools such as SEMrush, Ahrefs and Moz, we analyzed competitors' rankings for those words. By examining their search engine visibility, we paid attention not only to their positions, but also to the type of content they publish, their backlink profile and on-site SEO activities that may have contributed to their high positions. This allowed us to understand what tactics are effective in the industry and how we can adopt or improve them in a "Ronomed" strategy.

  3. Link Building

    Taking a creative approach to link building for "Ronomed", we decided on a diverse strategy that went beyond traditional methods. In addition to identifying databases of sites where competitors are positioning themselves, we initiated a campaign of sponsored posts on independent sites. We chose these platforms for their thematic alignment with the health and pharmaceutical industry, as well as their authority in the industry. We worked with influencers and opinion leaders to create valuable and engaging content that naturally brought in links to "Ronomed," while providing readers with valuable insight.



Inputs from the organic channel


Page views


Keywords in TOP 3


Keywords in TOP 10

In working with semguru, we have noticed a difference in their approach to our business. We especially appreciate their deep understanding of the specifics of our business and customization of comprehensive SEO activities. We value the assurance that the budget invested is allocated to specific, measurable activities. We were surprised by their professional attitude and commitment to scaling our business online, treating it with the same priority as ourselves. The quality and effectiveness of our marketing efforts has visibly increased, and every penny spent translates into increased revenue. With semguru, we are confident that we are investing in key elements for the growth of our business.
Michal Nowak

Managing Director


By opting for professional SEO efforts, we were able to solve the problems Ronomed was facing. Using an effective SEO strategy, we were able to significantly increase the visibility of phrases in search results. This translated into an increase in the number of B2B inquiries, which is a corem for the business and a major source of income. We are satisfied with the results we have achieved, but we are eager for more. The next few months will see further development and optimization of our operations, which will guarantee the client's continued scaling of business.

Persons responsible for the project

Przemyslaw Przybylski


Mikhail Voronin

SEO Expert

Patricia Szefler

Project Manager & SEO specialist

Angelo Szefler

Creative graphic designer

Magdalena Szpott

Content Expert

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