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Prestiżowa Kuchnia is a brand under the wings of Nas Troje, a company that has been in existence since 2000. prestizowakuchnia.pl is an online store offering selected kitchen items. The team is made up of industry specialists with many years of experience, who are eager to share their knowledge in published expert articles. The team is headed by Krystian Wawrzyczek - professionally involved in the kitchen space for more than 25 years. A great advantage of the website itself is the "Articles" section. There you can find a wealth of knowledge on the technology of kitchen tools, their use and proper care.


The client's goal was to increase brand awareness for general phrases that would guarantee him high rankings in Google searches. This was quite a challenge due to the highly competitive industry. As usual, we took up the gauntlet and relied on solid SEO. Our main focus was to increase sales in the B2C sector, so we decided to implement a long tail strategy.

What we did

We dealt comprehensively with SEO positioning of the client's website. We had an excellent workspace with great potential. A large product base, a section with articles and videos allowed us to use a very long list of keywords in a relatively difficult and very competitive industry. We relied on organic traffic, so all our attention was focused on positioning the website to achieve the highest possible positions in searches. Achieving our goal, required the use of many helpful tools, such as Ahrefs, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Semrush and Clusteric.


For the client "prestizowakuchnia.co.uk", an online store offering exclusive kitchen accessories and appliances, we applied a two-pronged SEO strategy focused on the most important keywords for the business and building visibility on more general phrases related to the product range.

  1. Optimization for business keywords:
    • Keyword analysis: We conducted an in-depth analysis to identify keywords with high conversion potential that reflected the specific products and brands offered by "prestizowakuchnia.co.uk."
    • Website structure: We ensured that the website has a logical and SEO-friendly URL structure, with proper use of H1, H2 tags, and optimized meta tags and alt attributes for images.
  2. Building visibility on general phrases:
    • Link building: We looked into acquiring external links from culinary and lifestyle websites to increase the domain's authority in the context of general phrases related to cooking and kitchen equipment.
    • Long tail strategy: We also used long tail phrases, which, although they generate less traffic, have higher purchase intent and can help increase conversions.

By combining these two avenues, "prestizowakuchnia.co.uk" was able to increase its visibility in both specific, high-converting queries and a broader range of industry queries, helping to increase organic traffic and improve its position in the exclusive kitchen accessories industry.

  1. Preparation of content plan

    For "prestizowakuchnia.pl", at the beginning of our cooperation, we prepared a detailed content plan (content plan) to increase user engagement and improve SEO positioning.

  2. Keyword diversification

    As part of the SEO strategy for "prestizowakuchnia.co.uk," we used diversification between phrases for categories and product phrases to balance search engine visibility. For the product categories, we focused on more general but high-converting keywords that could attract a broader audience looking for kitchen solutions, while the product phrases were tailored to specific products, with a focus on models, brands and specific features - targeting users with more defined purchase intentions. We optimized category and product pages for these different groups of phrases, using appropriate meta tags and content to improve rankings in both general and specific query results. This approach made it possible not only to attract traffic at different stages of the purchase path, but also to increase the likelihood of conversion.

  3. Link Building

    For the "prestizowakuchnia.co.uk" website, our link building efforts were focused on acquiring quality links that could bring real value to both SEO and business.



Total number of clicks


Total number of impressions


Increase in the number of keywords in TOP10


Increase in the number of keywords in TOP3

The world as it is, everyone sees and knows well. The client is lurked, treated, as if he were the most important in the world, until he becomes a permanent client. Because in the SEO industry being not permanent is - as a rule - meaningless. And then... the permanent Client becomes ordinary and can be forgotten. Let him manage. Such was our unpleasant experience with many giants in the SEO space, until we came across semgurus. For a long time we rubbed our eyes in amazement that it was possible to be so well taken care of, that there was a company that really CAREED! And that hasn't changed after years of our cooperation. Semguru has a mission and sticks to its word. The customer is important and you have to look after his interests. Everyone promises this, but only a few keep their word. That's why with people like the semguru group, you can, without fear, get involved for a whole, very long time. They live their passion and do not let go. After all, that's the job of a true hero!
Joanna Gawlikowska and Krystian Wawrzyczek



Prestigious Kitchen is a site with powerful content capabilities, so it worked well as an SEO space. The spectacular results we achieved only confirmed this. Our client had to wait longer for results than with paid advertising, but good SEO brings long-term results. We continue to see an increase in the number of clicks and the number of keywords in TOP3, which bodes well for the coming months.

Persons responsible for the project

Mikhail Voronin

SEO Expert

Przemyslaw Przybylski


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