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Lalabaj Boutique is a store that every woman who appreciates style and comfort should know. It offers women's clothing from Polish brands. The owners focus first and foremost on quality, which is why the boutique features only high-quality products from domestic manufacturers. Lalabaj Butik is both an online and stationary store. In addition to standard sizes, the company also offers plus-size proposals, and each product is a true rarity, often not seen in mass production.


The https://lalabajbutik.pl/ website is a typical online store limited to presenting and selling products. Against the odds, the store presented quite a few challenges, including:

  • Lack of additional sections and content tabs on the store, which puts great limitations on on-site optimization.
  • Lack of ability to implement a blog, which is an excellent space to publish new content with appropriately tailored keywords for the store.
  • Inability to update content on the site - Google robots effectively catch such nuances. This is a ranking factor in determining a page's position in search results.

As you can see, the Semguru team faced a task that required us to be creative and work with limited resources.

What we did

We comprehensively handled the SEO of the client's website. We had an excellent workspace with great potential. A large product base, a section with articles and videos allowed us to use a very long list of keywords in a relatively difficult and very competitive industry. We relied on organic traffic, so all our attention was focused on positioning the website to achieve the highest possible positions in searches. Achieving our goal, required the use of many helpful tools, such as Ahrefs, Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Semrush and Clusteric.


For "lalabajbutik", our link building efforts were aimed at gaining quality links that helped increase organic traffic and sales. We focused on:

Acquiring links from industry blogs and sites: By creating valuable content, such as guest articles and shopping guides, we have gained backlinks from reputable industry sites, which has improved search engine rankings and increased the authority of "lalabajbutik."

High-quality industry directories: We have included the store in prestigious e-commerce directories that are well rated by search engines, which has helped improve SEO and made it easier for customers to find "lalabajbutik."

Link profile monitoring and analysis: We regularly monitored the backlink profile using SEO analysis tools, which allowed us to optimize our strategy and identify the most valuable link sources.

Thanks to these carefully planned link building activities, "lalabajbutik" received a significant increase in targeted traffic, which directly translated into an increase in e-commerce sales.

  1. AUDIT

    We conducted a very thorough analysis of the client's site and competitors.


    Based on the results, we implemented an appropriate link building strategy for higher ranking, increased traffic and website conversions. Link building is one of the components of positioning. It involves acquiring external links (on other sites, thematically related to the company), leading to a specific website, in this case to https://lalabajbutik.pl/. This results in an increase in traffic to the site and greater brand recognition, and has a positive impact on the achieved positions in Google. Of great importance in the developed strategy was the publication of strong links, which, after time, brought due long-term effects. In addition, we optimized the site as much as the engine of the Sky Shop platform allowed us.



Number of users


E-commerce conversion rate






Activities for Lalabaj Boutique are a great example of low budget SEO. With a small financial outlay, we were able to achieve satisfactory results. As you can see, effectively carried out marketing activities are able to guarantee success not only for large companies, but also for smaller businesses. Both we and the client have noticed clear changes. This is further proof that well-planned and backed by link builidng analysis is able to improve conversion and website traffic. The significant limitations of working on an off-the-shelf platform did not stop us from working effectively. Despite the difficulties, optimizing the site for usability allowed us to create a far more user-friendly site.

Persons responsible for the project

Przemyslaw Przybylski


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