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FONDU Furniture is a company that takes a liking to original design. Furniture sold in the store surprises, inspires and allows you to create a unique space. The designers and creators of the furniture rely exclusively on selected materials, craftsmanship precision and personalization of the product. The company's premise is simple - each piece of furniture is designed to meet the expectations of even the most demanding customer, both visually and functionally. https://fondu.store is a prestigious store that has been recognized more than once by trade magazines such as "Weranda", "Label Magazine" and "Magazif".


We carried out the project for FONDU Furniture together with Premium Consulting - a company that provides consulting services in the field of marketing, image and brand strategy. The specialists handled the client's marketing strategy holistically, and with our support, we were able to implement campaigns that addressed key challenges.


What we did

Based on an in-depth analysis of the client's website and its position in searches, we developed a Google Ads campaign. We created text ads with the most relevant keywords in mind. With this, we made the results accurately displayed to users who might be interested in the company's products and services. In addition, we implemented a Facebook Ads campaign. Thanks to paid ads, we were able to reach a new customer. When creating the campaign, we decided on a prospecting strategy. It is characterized by a low cost per click while optimizing for the lowest possible cost of adding to the shopping cart.




  1. Strategic approach to the project

    We conducted a detailed analysis of the "Fondu" company's business goals, which allowed us to precisely define the target audience and select optimal keywords. We organized the campaign into a clear structure with tailored ad groups and constructed compelling advertising content aimed at maximizing conversions. Budgets were set based on expected ROI, and bidding strategies were optimized to meet campaign goals, while implementing continuous monitoring and A/B testing for performance improvement. We also introduced a remarketing strategy to re-engage users who had previously expressed interest in "Fonda" products.

  2. Google Ads Campaign

    In designing the Google Ads account architecture for the "Fondu" company, we began with a thorough understanding of its business goals and the behavioral aspects of its target audience. We then created a hierarchical account structure, segregating campaigns and ad groups to reflect the different product and service lines offered by the company. Each ad group was equipped with carefully selected keywords and dedicated ad content to increase the relevance and effectiveness of the ads. In addition, we implemented advanced bidding and conversion tracking strategies to facilitate continuous optimization and ensure maximum campaign performance.

  3. Facebook Ads Campaign

    When preparing the strategy for the "Fondu" company's Social Ads service, we focused on understanding the specific social aspects of the targeted customer segments. We developed segmented advertising campaigns on social platforms that reflected users' interests and behaviors, which allowed for precise targeting. For each campaign, we created engaging content and ad creatives that were tested and optimized in real time to increase interactions and conversions. We also implemented detailed performance tracking and advanced retargeting techniques to increase ROI and strengthen the "Fondu" brand's social media presence.



Increase in users from Google Ads campaigns


Growth in transactions


Sales growth


ROAS of the campaign

The semguru company is our new partner in implementing e-commerce strategy. The company treats us in partnership and represents a professional approach at every step. Specialists running our store with Google Ads and FB ads campaigns, from the very beginning stood out for their great commitment, responded to every question, clarified all our doubts, willing to share their knowledge and experience. Semguru greatly improved the positioning of our store by keywords, actively advised on the optimization of our new store, now very efficiently coordinate AdWords activities. Semguru are trustworthy specialists whose Internet marketing services we can recommend with a clear conscience.
Konrad Wasilewski



The project for FONDU Furniture proves that every two companies is not one. Working with Premium Consulting provided us with a spectrum of possibilities. The industry specialists comprehensively handled the marketing strategy for the client, while we in turn undertook specific SEO activities to support the resulting assumptions. We received a complete set of information along with data on the brand's positioning in the industry, which we were able to use to develop maximally effective paid online campaigns.

Persons responsible for the project

Przemyslaw Przybylski


Katarzyna Smółka

Social Ads

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