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Bohomoss is a unique brand created by two confident, self-conscious women - Pauline and Jola. The owners with their products support women in finding their self-esteem. The company has been on the market since 2015 and, as the founders themselves mention, its beginnings were not the easiest. Bohomoss is all about high-quality pajamas, bathrobes, tracksuits and accessories. The company collaborates with many influencers who support the brand in spreading a great idea: "We women - we have the power. And finding the way to ourselves is the most beautiful moment in life and the most important path we can take."


The company, coming to us, was struggling with the problem of unprofitable campaigns that had been launched so far to promote the brand. The money invested was not producing the desired results - the activities were not earning money for themselves, let alone for the company. The assumptions of the campaigns were clear - sales growth was to take place while reducing costs. This meant that we had a relatively small budget and a high goal - to reach new potential customers. One of our tasks was to expand the advertising account to create a better environment for implementing and running an effective Google Ads campaign.

What we did

We launched a Google Ads campaign. Thanks to well-thought-out measures - we were able to reduce the client's ad spending by 50%, while increasing the number of users by 18%. We reorganized the entire structure of the advertising account, introducing campaigns that are more effective and better suited to the client's capabilities and potential. We received significant added value by optimizing the audience, billing models and phrases in dynamic mode.


For "bohomoss.com," a company specializing in fashion and accessories, we integrated SEO efforts with Google Ads campaigns to maximize results. Here's how we did it:

  1. SEO and Google Ads keyword correlation:
    • We conducted a joint keyword analysis for SEO and Google Ads, selecting those that bring the highest conversions. This allowed us to synchronize the content on the site with the ads, increasing consistency and relevancy for users.
  2. Using Google Ads data for SEO optimization:
    • We used ad performance data, including keywords with the highest CTR and conversion, to optimize content on the site and improve organic rankings.
  3. Remarketing and content tailored to the stages of the purchase path:
    • We set up remarketing campaigns in Google Ads to reach users who visited the site but did not make a purchase. SEO supported these efforts by optimizing content for keywords that meet users' needs at different stages of the decision-making process.
  4. Landing pages optimized for SEO and Google Ads:
    • We created optimized landing pages that were used for both SEO and paid campaigns. This ensured a consistent message and higher conversions from both organic and paid traffic.
  5. Analysis and adaptation:
    • We analyzed the results of both channels on an ongoing basis, making the necessary optimizations. SEO provided long-term ranking effects, while Google Ads brought a rapid increase in traffic and conversions.

Through this synergistic strategy, "bohomoss.com" gained better search engine visibility, higher conversions and, ultimately, maximized the effects of its marketing efforts.


Bohomoss effects

  1. Understanding the business

    In preparing SEO and Google Ads activities for "bohomoss.com," we carefully analyzed the fashion and accessories market, determining the needs and behaviors of our target audience. We focused on understanding the unique features of the client's products to differentiate their offerings from the competition. We conducted an in-depth analysis of competitors' activities, looking for opportunities to gain market advantage. Working closely with the "bohomoss.com" team, we refined business and marketing objectives, enabling us to adjust our strategies. Starting with smaller-scale tests allowed us to flexibly modify our approach and maximize campaign results.

  2. SEO

    In implementing the SEO strategy for "bohomoss.com," we first conducted a detailed keyword analysis to identify those most relevant to the client's products and industry. We optimized product pages and categories, ensuring that they aligned with user search intent and SEO best practices. We developed content marketing, creating valuable content that attracted traffic and built domain authority. We strengthened the backlink profile through link building strategies, emphasizing quality and relevancy. Finally, we regularly monitored the results and adjusted the SEO strategy to maintain the increase in organic visibility and traffic to "bohomoss.com."

  3. Google Ads

    For the Google Ads campaign "bohomoss.com," we created targeted ad groups corresponding to precisely defined audience segments, which allowed us to tailor messages to specific user needs. We integrated data from SEO keyword analysis to create effective campaigns with ads with high conversion potential. Using retargeting, we re-engaged users who had previously visited the site, increasing the chance of completing a purchase. We regularly conducted A/B testing of various ad elements to optimize CTR and cost per conversion. In addition, we dynamically managed the budget, allocating resources to campaigns and keywords with the highest performance.



Rejection rate




Average session duration


Revenues by 59.18%.


E-commerce conversion rate


ROAS of the campaign


The combination of Google Ads campaigns with phrases in dynamic mode allowed us to achieve satisfactory results in a very short time. This resulted primarily in an increase in conversions and a chance for greater brand recognition. A major influence on the results was the updating of the target group, its regular analysis and optimization. The campaign for Bohomoss only confirmed our belief that Google Ads is an effective marketing tool that allows us to achieve immediate results.

Persons responsible for the project

Przemyslaw Przybylski


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